No phone at nine

to call at nine’s prohibited
I take a bath, don’t wanna skid
I'm too busy, I feel so fine
I'm disconnected, out off line

 I’m on cloud nine
can't listen please don't lean
It's my time
can’t answer I'm so keen

to call at nine is dangerous
I'm running hard slog so hush hush
no I won't bat an eyelid !
I don't give a damn of you kid

I’m on cloud nine
you want to knock me up
I'm so high
watch out, I'm blowing up

you call at nine eternally
I call at nine eternally
just like a trick you play with me
just like a trick you play with me
you know the switch you flick, wanker
I know the switch I flick…
I'm burning up, just like ever
you’re burning up, just like ever

it’s too late
my bath's begin to chill
I'm ingrate
if you dare come dossing


you're standing
you're smiling

I'm gliding 
I'm blushing

throwing the doubt on my eyes 
give me faith

I'm on the best wave
let me rave 
you always crawl in my pain

I'm flying

on your mouth
to the heat

casting a spell over your lies
I'm not crippled

I'm in a wheelchair
stop the uproar 
I cut the throat of model men

Sleeping with the poster men

Sister Anger

n’ai pas l’air trois secondes
de t’y plaire immonde

sans repère sous l’emprise
tu ne sais mentir

ce mystère aux abois
prolifère et te noie

sœur cruelle te délie
des chapelles

tu préfères détruire
ton humeur t’attire

plus d’austères feux de paille
mais de fières représailles

à l’envers à l’envie
des misères

dans l’ivresse et la hargne
l’ire experte te gagne

dans d’odieuses odysées
tu t’élances endiablée


the haunted castle is burning
unhappy virgin girls still running
fathers’ voices resonate
tears of mothers in your head 

sing Cinderella

prince's face appears everywhere,
as a monster would be nowhere
human’s organ walkin’ in hate,
seeing them you lose your head

sing Cinderella
sing Cinderella

since you swim in a rave of gimmick,
in this great ocean you’re homesick
remote noises illuminate,
voices threatening in your hea

sing Cinderella
sing Cinderella

I'm Cinderella 
I can see everyone
under my umbrella
I won


chew cigarettes’s bad for health
cream beer’s feckless for face
ironing dog is quite a fight
specially if he didn’t die

stop taking my medicine drugs
round pills are very specials

can’t drink the flushing water
as you swing your daddy's clubs
Bathroom's not fertile
Red fish will never fly

stop taking my medicine drugs
yellow pills are very specials

toilets can be used for peeing
if there is nobody sitting
stop put out madly the candles
house’s burning down you can’t handle

no more fucking medicine drugs
my pills were very specials

Antartik City 

Ian se tire pour Antartik City
il traîne avec lui ses flingues favoris

des valises en croco c’est bien plus joli
une mission top-suspecte c’est ce qu’il a compris

près de la banquise extravertie
des manchots se raillent de Ian qui glisse

or les glaçons, cerbères en série 
protègent le désert de tout charivari

il se perd, dans le blanc, en milliers d’éléments
brillant comme des étoiles, dans un grand châtiment

he’ ll never go to AntartiKCity
(he finally joined the Brothers of Cruelty)

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