At School !

It's a school day, or maybe not
like any other, I can't wake up
I look outside, I look at the time 
I hear "your lessons !!"

I hear this refrain
oooh !! it's so difficult
learn the lessons
I can't do it 
homeworks, obligations

in the kitchen daddy speaks to me
in the bathroom sista shouts to me
in the garage, I meet my granny

it's always the same
always the same...

It's my school's way
finding some of my friends
be sure losing the head

you're sexy so free
we're fleeing

it's a funny day
I begin have fun
I twist as a grass 
under the sun
I see my parents, they runinng ! 
and I shout
"no lesson !! no lesson !!"

Trashy Station !

this bus betrayed us
we have to jump out

trash city is my home
the streets are my playground
slouching on my shum, (I) try to keep the magic round

we look
our loot

my brain's running in a spiral

to play hide and seek don't hide
pretend to be a geek buildings are messy

I trap the dust in the middle of the sidewalk
it's not easy no no

you get lost near the sixth bus station
by the desire of the motion
hold me back or...
let me switch out

the toxic flash dazzles me,
I sow chunk of my mind

I'm crawling in the lawn
that looks so weird sometime your crook...
so cute

become hilarious
become hilarious

let's dive in the glittering floor
don't shy
no deal, no dance with the virus wiggle so much
no gun, cry
such a diva !

It's just a double game
a few nettles in flesh

In case of drowning,
animals will tame your soul,
no more evil...
with the devil

It's trashy distorsion
so pretty deviation you spit !!!!
Oh give me the creeps,
don't crumble down,
nothing worth my trash life in this town

don't splash my hat !!!

Case of noise

I'm overlaping a knife
stay straight
hold me tight

follow my way
choose my madness
all the voices are silent

in case of noise
it's a case of noise
shades of my mind

run out

lost my way
follow their voice
all my tricks are vain

excited !

sliding slowly on the dark ways
trap the trick
track the tracks

it's a put-up job, confused
won't be abuse

terriens vagues issus des rigoles
maudite et lasse
s'attirent les satyres

all stuffs in your head is my cure
I would be your treat !


when I see the witch
it's starts so strong
windows flap all around
many rooms lining all way down

I should believe in God
as my mother always told
I wander on the dark wings of my soul

I look hopelessly
for the exit of the cruel house all the time

she certainly ate God
and my mother always spokes
I wander on the dark wings of her soul

bits of stuffs fall of her hands
then she stirs slop with the scariest laugh,
the scariest laugh...
slavering at the mouth

I'm a ghost
maybe like my mother and God
rooms get narrow more and more
the door is closing with a deafening noise,
a deafening noise

it's over now it's over now...



If you come so late
that I'm you're secret
All through the bushes
I see the moon is gone

you turn away
yes yes yes boy
don't let me go

just note it, you should beware

catch my heart, have my legs,
I bound your hands
all is disturb, you seems so pale

you turn away
yes yes boy
I won't let you go

in the bloody way
let me play
with this bone...
with this bones...
with your bones !!

I would twist you with so care

I'll keep your body close...
I'll keep your body close !!!

Piss me off 

you piss me off
you make me mad
don't argue the toss
please give up lad  
why don't you go
to funny farm

I'm gona throw up
like a screwball
stop stare me up
I'm not a yob
wearing a rug
and drink alcopop

she's screw-loose, slapper and sad 
I'm not sad, just stoned, unfazed

you've got the hump
I've rub my stach
you're so much drunk
throw up and scratch
don't swear like punk
get out my hatch

won't ever go
to funny farm
where scalies tow
sad sack unarmed
I skiff off  this shit
hitting the fan

see the loose slapper in slippers
see this goose face bamboozler

I'm sussing out
the way out there
want to chill-out
but you don't care
please shut your mouth
just give me arse loads of rave

 (I)'m not a slapper
high as a kite
you're a scrapper
a rat dog who bites
pack up and fly
for a last one in hell

come on now have some twisters
come on now have some twisters